About Us

About Euro Gold

EuroGold is a retailer of gold and silver products, from bars to rounds to coins. We deal exclusively in physical bullion, selling gold or silver that is delivered directly to your door.
Quality products are one of our top priorities. JM Bullion works directly with mints and distributors, and we inspect all new inventory carefully, ensuring that the products our customers receive are of the highest quality. Our coins come direct from the mint, in brand new, sealed tubes, and the majority of our bar and round products are indicated as “brand new” on their product pages, meaning they ship sealed in plastic and fresh from the mint.
As a fully licensed and attributed company, you can take peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a credible company who values your safety and security just as much as you.
Our customer service has been and will continue to be a priority. Should you have a question about prospective orders, orders in processing, or completed orders, simply contact our phone support, live chat support, or email support for a prompt response. We are always willing and able to assist you with an existing order or to answer any questions that you may have.
To get in touch, visit our Contact page, use our Live Chat, or call us at ………….. Though most customers place their orders online, we accept orders over the phone as well. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or anything else you might need assistance with. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to helping you and providing you with the most pleasant bullion buying experience possible.

Why you can count on Euro Gold

Trading continuously, Euro gold is a largest independent bullion dealer. Our brand of precious metal is widely regarded as one of the cornerstones of the physical gold trading system.
Euro Gold provides the following services:

• Bullion Sales, Trading and Buy Backs
• Fully insured Bullion Storage
• Pool Allocated Precious Metals
• Bullion for Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) investment
Logistic Solutions for Global DeliveryOur highly experienced and expert staff can offer you assistance with all aspects of your precious metal investment, from your very first purchase, to high-security storage and insurance solutions. Whether you’re new to bullion investment or you already have an account with us, our specialist team are here to advise you throughout your transaction from start, to finish.

What are EuroGold’s strategic objectives?

EuroGold’s objective is to operate the world’s most cost-effective, secure and accessible market in professional grade bullion.
We want to do this because :-
• We believe there is a deficit of financial responsibility in many modern governments and financial institutions.
• We believe that modern currencies and other paper-based value systems will inhibit savers from retaining their domestic and worldwide purchasing power.
• We believe that using gold to provide protection from this problem is a strategy which has been inaccessible to individuals at a fair price.
• We believe that we are uniquely well qualified to provide that accessibility and to manage the service in a way which maximizes security, accessibility and value for our customers.